If you’re looking for the best bridge camera, then you’ve come to the right place! The ultra zoom – or bridge style camera is a popular format of camera, offering SLR-styled looks, manual controls and huge optical zoom. This style of camera lets you get wide-angle shots and then zoom into distant subjects, with the latest cameras offering huge amounts of zoom

TOP 10 best bridge camera in UK 2021

Here is our list of the best bridge camera reviewed , click through to read the full review. Some of the most recent cameras feature a larger than normal (1inch) image sensor, which results in better image quality, particularly in low light.

1.The Panasonic Lumix FZ1000

The Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 features a larger* 20-megapixel 1inch sensor for improved image quality and noise performance, along with a Leica f/2.8 – f/4.0 16x optical zoom lens equivalent to 25-400mm in 35mm terms. The camera also features 4K video recording, raw shooting, manual controls and built-in Wi-Fi.

Key Features at a glance: 20.1megapixel 1inch CMOS sensor, 16x optical zoom lens, f/2.8-4.0, 25-400mm equivalent (in 35mm terms), 4K video recording, 12fps continuous shooting, 3inch vari-angle screen and electronic viewfinder (EVF), Wi-Fi and NFC.

The best bridge camera in UK 2021
The best bridge camera in UK 2021

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2. Panasonic Lumix FZ80 / FZ82

The Lumix FZ80 (known as the Lumix FZ82 outside the US) might be one of the most affordable bridge cameras here, but it still packs quite a punch. The zoom range is very impressive, going from an ultra-wide 20mm through to a staggering 1200mm, and benefits from an effective image stabilization system. There’s also 4K recording with Panasonic’s 4K Photo, which can shoot 8MP images at 30fps, meaning you should never miss that split-second moment. It’s also very easy to use, with an intuitive touchscreen. The viewfinder could be better (and there’s no eye sensor to automatically switch between the viewfinder and rear screen), while high-ISO performance can’t match that of larger-sensor (and more expensive) rivals. That said, this is one of the best budget bridge cameras around.

The best bridge camera in UK 2021
The best bridge camera in UK 2021

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3.The Sony Cyber-shot RX10 II

The Sony Cyber-shot RX10 II is a top scoring bridge camera. It features the world’s first stacked 1inch BSI CMOS sensor with a DRAM memory chip. It’s capable of 40x super slow motion capture and 4K video shooting, along with a super fast electronic shutter. It has a weather sealed body and we praised its excellent image quality and features, which includes an 8.3x optical zoom lens with a constant aperture of f/2.8.

Key Features at a glance: 20.2megapixel 1inch BSI CMOS sensor, 8.3x optical zoom lens, f/2.8, 25-200mm equivalent (in 35mm terms), 4K video recording, 14fps continuous shooting, slow-motion video, 3inch tilting screen and electronic viewfinder (EVF), Wi-Fi and NFC.

The best bridge camera in UK 2021
The best bridge camera in UK 2021

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4. Canon PowerShot G3 X

The Canon PowerShot G3 X (around $849) delivers some of the best close-up stills in its class, at a price that runs in the middle of the pack. Its 1-inch sensor sits behind a lens whose clarity is greatly increased by its shortened focal length.

Anti-distortion processing
Rear screen flips for selfies
Optical zoom is worse than ave

The best bridge camera in UK 2021
The best bridge camera in UK 2021


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5. Canon PowerShot SX70 HS

Quality is great colours and crisp images. The zoom is amazing, simply amazing and the focussing system works brilliantly. Being so lightweight it is both easy to carry and to use.

Whether you am photographing birds (especially with the huge zoom) or insects (believe it or not it auto focuses closer than I have ever experienced!) the quality is something to see. I have also tried the videoing qualities and once again I am amazed at the results – even the microphone is good enough for most.

For the money I do not believe you can get any better than this, not just for quality of finished results, but also for the sheer amount of what you can actually do with it – amazing.

The best bridge camera in UK 2021
The best bridge camera in UK 2021

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6. Sony Cyber-SHOT DSC-RX10 IV

It’s our top 10 bridge camera, however, its fast execution makes it expensive. The Sony Cyber‑Shot RX10 IV is the most recent manifestation of Sony’s RX10 connect camera arrangement and steps forward from the RX10 III. The primary feature is the addition of a 315-point phase-detect AF framework, which makes it much better fit to following moving subjects, while the presence of a touchscreen, an element that has been strangely missing from the RX10 line-up – and in fact, a large number of Sony’s others lines up to this point – is likewise vital.Best Sony Bridge Camera

24fps burst shooting, which is a huge improvement over the effectively-skilled 14fps on the Mark III, together with Bluetooth network, separations it further from the camera it refreshes. On account of this, it’s a considerably more competent camera for games and activity and the best extension camera you can purchase at the present time.

The best bridge camera in UK 2021
The best bridge camera in UK 2021

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7. Sony DSC-HX99 

The world’s smallest camera with 24-720mm zoom, the HX99 goes wherever the action is. With its ZEISS Vario-Sonar T 24-720mm lens and high-level features like Fast Intelligent AF and responsive Eye AF, it delivers remarkable performance in any setting. Despite its super-compact size, the HX99 delivers high-quality images and outstanding performance, incorporating high-level features like 4K video recording, a high-contrast OLED electronic viewfinder, handy control ring and tillable LCD touch screen for easy operation.

The best bridge camera in UK 2021
The best bridge camera in UK 2021

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8. Fujifilm X-T4

Probably the closest thing to the perfect hybrid camera. The X-T4 is the best camera for those who like me take photography and videography seriously. It is an amazing little package, the video is amazing, the photos are amazing as well, the system includes all the lenses you need.

The Stills/Movie dial is genius, it cleans up the menus and makes everything much easier to setup quickly. The ergonomics are improved from the X-T3, the battery life is doubled, the new shutter is quieter and rated for 300,000 actuations. The IBIS is fantastic as well.

If you’re going to use this camera mainly for video, only a few lenses work as expected and pull focus smoothly, accurately and with minimum focus breathing according to Fuji, the 18-55 F2.8-4, the 50-140 F2.8 and 10-24 F4.0. So keep that in mind when choosing lenses.

The best bridge camera in UK 2021
The best bridge camera in UK 2021

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9.Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

Obviously, the BMPCC4K is an incredible piece of kit. However, it really is a cinema camera, not a pocket camcorder.
I would not recommend this device to non-professional videographers. It’s really more of a handy addition to a professional’s arsenal.
– 4k 60fps DCI RAW: This is unheard of at this price point (£1100 max, don’t overpay).
– Picture quality: It is near enough as good as larger full frame cinema cameras, the colour science is insane. Blackmagic have nailed it here.
– Recording formats: RAW and ProRES. RAW is incredibly versatile for editing, and ProRES is about as streamlined as it gets. My old outdated computer cuts through 4k ProRES like it’s butter.
– Ease of use: The interface, everything, just great!

The best bridge camera in UK 2021
The best bridge camera in UK 2021

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10. Nikon D3400

Finally a powerful 24.2 megapixel DSLR camera is available that has the usability and convenience of a smartphone. Utilizing SnapBridge, a new built-in option to permit seamless transferring of imagery to a mobile device, the Nikon D3400 features Bluetooth capability that makes sharing and uploading your photos easier than ever before. Automatic file sharing lets you connect simultaneously to up to five devices. With a native ISO range from 100-25600, this DSLR is at home in an extremely wide range of lighting conditions making it the perfect go-to camera for almost any photography application.

A dynamic and super-accurate range of details is produced with the Nikon D3400 thanks to a 24.2 megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor and EXPEED 4 processor working in tandem. Comfortable for beginners and advanced enough for professionals, the D3400 is one of the most diverse and feature rich cameras now on the market. Because the EXPEED 4 processor is applied to the whole camera system, support for full HD 1080p movie recording and full-resolution continuous shooting at a rate of 5fps are available.

The best bridge camera in UK 2021
The best bridge camera in UK 2021

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How to choose the best bridge camera for you

1. The Dynamic Range of the Sensor
The dynamic range is the number of tones from the lightest light to the darkest dark that the camera can reproduce in a single photo. In landscape photography, it is very common that the dynamic range of the scene is enormous. When shooting sunsets and sunrises, we have extremely bright areas around the sun and dark areas in the shadows. This is when the dynamic range of the camera sensor becomes a key factor

2. Quality of the Image
The second characteristic of a camera that I look for is the Quality of the Camera’s image that the sensor produces. This factor is much more difficult to quantify. There are two ways to approach this issue. One is to check trusted reviews, which can be problematic since trusted sources are not too easy to come by these days.

The second approach is to check it yourself. There are plenty of resources where you can download the sample RAW files for any camera.

3. Auto Exposure Bracketing
The next characteristicyou look for is an easy one.you want to make sure that I have a decent bracketing functionality in my camera. Bracketing is an important technique for landscape photography.

4. ISO Performance
One of them is high ISO performance. If we look at the Canon 5D Mark 3, it outperforms the Sony a6000 in shooting in dark conditions by a large margin but, this does not make it a better landscape camera. Ideally, I would love to have a wide dynamic range sensor in my camera that could produce clean images at high ISO.

5.Focusing Speed and Accuracy
Focusing speed and accuracy are other characteristics that are not too important for landscape photography. In most cases, you shoot static scenes using the Back Button Focus technique or a manual focus so the accuracy, speed, and tracking become less important. But, if you are planning to compliment your landscapes with wildlife photography, which is a very common combination, the focus performance becomes an essential factor.


If you’re just starting out in photography, bridge cameras can be the ideal place to start. You get a lot for your money and it’s the ideal way to learn about different shooting modes and settings, without necessarily spending a huge amount of money.

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