Outdoor cats love spending time outside and more often than not, you’ll have found yourself opening the door or window to let them back in. Installing the best cat flap could solve all of your problems by allowing your cat to go out and come in as they please.
In the last decade cat flaps have advanced with technology meaning you can stop unwelcome cats by installing a microchip cat flap, or even receive a notification on your phone as your cat comes and goes.
In this guide, we explore the different options available to you, what you should consider, and review the best cat flap on the market.

Top 10 Best Cat Flap For Your Lovely Kittens.

Let’s travel around our list of 10 best cat flap, they are the products that we highly-recommeded, that may help you to choose the best flap for your kittens at home.

1. Ideal Pet Products Cat Flap.

This cat door from Ideal Pet Products takes the number one spot for its simplicity, locking mechanisms, and price tag.

Although it’s a more basic model, this cat door can be used on both interior and exterior doors, and has a four-way locking mechanism: in only, out only, open or locked closed. It also has a magnetic, self-closing flap to keep unwanted pests (including stray cats!) out of your home.

Made with super durable Lexan polycarbonate, this cat door will hold up against everyday use and harsher weather conditions. Plus, it’s easy to install—the frame mounts to any standard interior or exterior door with screws.

This cat door’s flap is 6.25” by 6.25” and is ideal for cats 12 pounds and under. Some cat owners, however, share that their larger cats are able to use the door easily.

Best cat flap
Best cat flap

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2. SureFlap Dual Scan Microchip Cat Flap.

As all cat owners know, our feline friends have unique personalities, preferences and needs. So, while one adventurous pet may be a menace out hunting, another more timid moggy may prefer to stick to its own territory and rarely bring in any animal it has caught.

Designed for multi-cat households, the SureFlap DualScan microchip cat flap is designed to help you manage your cats’ needs individually, despite them sharing a single cat flap.

The gadget reads a pet’s microchip or SureFlap RFID collar tag every time they go in and out of the flap, and lets you program it to keep certain cats inside, while allowing others out. In this way, you could keep any troublemakers inside at night, while allowing more chilled-out felines outside for a moonlit stroll. The cat flap can be programmed for up to 32 cats, although this would make it as busy as Clapham Junction.

While the gadget isn’t particularly attractive, it is simple to set up with one-button programming, and offers incredible flexibility for multi-cat homes, making life a little easier so that there’s more time to play with your pets. It can be installed in doors, windows and walls (with the aid of accessory kits sold separately) and is powered by four AA batteries which last up to 12 months – although probably not if it is being used by 32 cats!

The cat flap has a manual four-way lock for security, which can be used to keep programmed pets in or out, and is handy for when you go on holiday and want to lock up your home. There’s also a safety mode that allows kitties breaking their curfew to get back inside if they manage to escape through an open door or window.

Best cat flap
Best cat flap

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3. PetSafe Staywel Cat Flap.

Finding a cat flip to suit every door can be difficult, especially for sliding doors, which is why this PetSafe product is perfect purchase.

This cat flip is perfect for sliding doors, plus it is easy to install, and is super affordable. The manual lock enables the owner to control their pets whereabouts, and is extremely durable and will stay put in all weather conditions.

Best cat flap
Best cat flap

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4. PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap.

With a learning capacity for a whopping 40 microchips, this PetSafe Microchip Cat Flap has easily the biggest memory of any cat flap on our list, and is therefore among the best options for cat shelters and boarding catteries.

In fact, it’s tops for any house where cats frequently come and go, as it’s designed with energy efficiency in mind, with a built-in draught excluder and two magnetic closing locking points to increase insulation. It also has dual auto-locks in addition to a four-way manual lock, making it an extra-secure option for those particularly worried about intruding wildlife or stray cats.

Best cat flap
Best cat flap

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5. PetSafe Microchip Activated Cat Flap.

If your cat has an incompatible, older style microchip or you simply do not want to have your cat chipped, the PetSafe maybe the solution.

This PetSafe will work with an RFID tag that you can buy and attach to your pet’s collar. With this in place it acts in exactly the same way as a microchip, so you can program it to only let your cats in.

Other than this feature it offers all the usual features you would expect, including recognising all the main types of microchips and capable of storing the information of up to 40 cats. So if you cannot find a way to get this one to work, you probably will not find any!

Powered by 4 x AA batteries, which should be good for about a year in typical use, and has extenders available to allow it to be wall mounted, it is a very good option.

Best cat flap
Best cat flap

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6. PetSafe Freedom Cat Flap.

If you wish to utilize your sliding door as the access way for your feline, then the PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Panel Sliding Glass Pet Door is for you. There are no complicated installations and no drilling and sawing, too. You only need to get the right size of PetSafe Freedom for your sliding door and set in on your existing sliding do track. It doesn’t matter if the size is a bit off since the Freedom comes with a top height adjuster so you can make sure it fits your door.

The flexible flap system allows for optimum energy-conservation while giving your pet unrestricted access to your yard and back inside your home. The problem is that, other animals can easily get in, too. At least, you’ll have your pet door in no time.

Best cat flap
Best cat flap

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7. The Kitty Pass Cat Door.

The Kitty Pass Cat Door is a great cat flap, with the cute design, easy to installing, and this product does its job very perfectly. Your feline will companion got used to The Kitty Pass Cat Door right away, make it easier for them to actively use the door. Attaching this cat door is quite easy too, it doesn’t necessitate any screws or patching extra holes, doesn’t require handyman skills.

In comparison with other pet doors, this doesn’t require your cat to push a flap or anything, so from here it makes a problem, if you’re looking for an interior pet door that you can close, this isn’t your best pick. But it’s still an advantage of this product, your cat willl easier to go pass while being just as convenient for you, isn’t it?

Best cat flap
Best cat flap

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8. PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor.

Electronic Cat Doors provide the best way for your cat to access the areas with doors without requiring any person to open the door. This PetSafe is an Electronic SmartDoor which provides controlled access to your cat for her entry and exit.

You can install this Electronic smart door in wall doors with 1.5 to 2 inch thickness. You can also install it in walls with thickness 4 ¾ inches to 7 ¼ with the help of SmartDoor Wall conversion kit (not included with this package). Both, the SmartDoor and access key are electronically operated which require 4 D-Cell batteries which are not included along with the package.

The smart feature of this Electronic Pet door is that it will allow access to this to this pet door only to your pet. It will prevent unwanted animals, pets, and strays from entering through this Electronic Pet Door. For this purpose, you have to attach a smart key to your cat’s collar. Your cat will only be able to access this pet door if she has the access key attached to her collars.

This smart door is programmable for up to 5 access keys. So you can even use this Electronic Automatic Cat Door for up to 5 of them. But you have to buy additional access keys for them, as you get only one access key. It can be also set to three modes; Locked, Unlocked, and Automatic. So if you have more than one pet but have only one access key, then you can use the Unlocked mode.

Best cat flap
Best cat flap

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9. Cat Mate 4 Way Locking Cat Flap.

One of the highest rated budget cat flaps on the market, this Cat Mate cat flap has a reliable four way manual lock. With a strong magnetic closure system, draught weather resistant magnet lock, 4 way locking system to control when your cat comes and goes, and a silent action, this cat flap is a great option for a basic cat flap.

Best cat flap
Best cat flap

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10. PetSafe Manual-Locking Cat Flap.

The Manual-Locking Cat Flap is an easy and economical way to give your cat access while keeping you in control. With the adjustable 4-way lock, you can choose when and how your cat uses the cat flap. Setting the pet door to fully locked or out only prevents neighbouring pets, strays or unwanted wildlife from entering your home. Able to endure the most energetic of pets, the impact resistant plastic design is sturdy, resilient and long-lasting. Dual magnets keep the flap in place and a draught excluder around the flap helps increase insulation for greater energy efficiency. The Manual-Locking Cat Flap can be installed in most types of doors or walls, including wood, PVC, brick, metal and glass, and will fit existing cut outs of Staywell® and PetSafe® cat flaps.

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Guide to Buying a Microchip Cat Flap.

When buying a microchip cat flap it is important to be certain that you are buying a cat flap that suits your requirements, in order to ensure that all you and your cat’s need are catered for we recommend that you make sure you have the answers to the following questions before making your purchase:

Selective Entry & Selective Exit.

Selective Entry is a feature that you (should) find on every single microchip cat flap. This is configured to your cat’s microchip and allows it to come in but prevents other cats from coming in.

Selective Exit is a less common feature which not every microchip cat flap has. This is a feature which is useful if you have more than one cat in your home. It allows you to set the cat flap to one (or more) cat out while preventing your other cat from going out. This can be useful if you have young kittens or you have a cat that is sick.

Cat Flap Size.

Cat flaps vary from model to model, while they typically don’t get much bigger than 250mm wide, it is worth paying attention to the size if you have a very large cat or you wish to use the cat flap for a small dog.

Is Your Cat Micro-chipped and is your Microchip Compatible with your Cat Flap?

It is not necessary for your cat to be micro-chipped to use a microchip cat flap, however if your cat doesn’t have a microchip you will need to use an RFID tag on their collar.

Most, but not all, microchip cat flaps support these so make sure you know if they do support them and ensure that you purchase some as they may not be included by default.

If your cat is microchipped it will have either a 15, 10 or 9 digit code.

The most common type is the 15 digit code.

Most cat flaps cater for all different types of code however some only work with the 15 digit code so make sure you check (in our handy table at the top of the page) before you buy.

If you are not sure how many digits your cat’s RFID microchip has you can check at your local veterinary centre.


Most cat flaps operate on 4xAA batteries, however some can also use a mains adapter.

Typically batteries on most modern models will last for at least 6 months with heavy use, up to 12 months if you have no more than a couple of cats.

Why Should You Buy a Microchip Cat Flap?

Most cat owners will have experienced the shock of uninvited stray cats coming into their home through a cat flap. Sometimes this can be an amusing surprise, but in other cases, it can mean havoc in the home. Not only can these cats fight with your pet and break your valuables, but these curious cats can also mess in the house. You’ll need the aid of your handy hoover to tidy up.

Standard cat flaps can also let rats and foxes inside overnight as they forage for a meal. Cat food left out on the kitchen floor proves irresistible to these hungry creatures.

Of course, this is no reason to restrict your beloved cat’s freedom. As a result, many people are choosing microchip cat flaps which will only grant access to your kitty, while staying firmly locked shut in the face of potential intruders.

These innovative microchip cat flaps allow your kitty to come and go as they wish, giving you and your pet peace of mind. Microchip cat flaps are very easy to install using a power drill and a jigsaw. It can be fitted in doors, walls, and windows. You can even quickly program them to work with multiple kitties if necessary. They are also very easy to buy online through Amazon.

How to Train a Cat to Use a Cat Flap.

If you are yet to put your new cat flap, there are a few things you can do first to boost your cat’s confidence.

Give your cat the opportunity to check out the cat flap before fitting. Let your cat investigate it and sniff it. If they have seen it before installation, this may ally some of your cat’s concerns.

Make sure you install it at a convenient height for them to use. To find out the best height for your cat, measure the distance from your cat’s belly to the floor. This is the correct height to install their new cat flap for optimum ease of use.

Once you have fitted the cat flap, here are some tips to best train your kitty to use it:

  • Hold the flap open at first. This helps your cat to see and smell the outdoors and realise there’s a new exit from the home.
  • Go outside and push your hand through the cat flap with some treats. Once your feline smells the cat food, slowly pull your hand back, leading them through to the other side.
  • Adding your cat’s scent to the new cat flap is a clever way to boost their confidence. Take a cloth or hand mitt and wipe it over your cat. Then rub this onto the cat flap.
  • No matter how frustrated you get, never force your cat through the cat flap. This will just make them even more scared and they will not trust you again.


Know where to start yet? If you do so let’s start shopping. Just keep in mind our buying tips they will help you a lot, analyze and find which is the best option for your cats, your wallet, your house, then apply everthing you gained to choose the best cat flap. But if you want to have a good cat flap without spending too much time, so feel free to pick some of our 10 products above, they’re the best choice that we have tested.

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