If you’re like most coffee fanatics, you like to keep things simple when it comes to preparing your daily cup of joe. I’m definitely in that boat – while I enjoy the coffee making process just as much as anyone else, I don’t have the technical sophistication (or patience) of a professional barista, so when I’m craving my daily dose of caffeine, I really just want to get on with it.

That’s why I appreciate filter coffee machines so much – all you have to do is load the filter with the coffee grounds of your choice, add some water and let the machine do its thing.Get the best filter coffee machine for you right away.

TOP 10 The best filter coffee machine in UK 2021

Out of all the filter coffee machine UK available out there, I have made the selection job much easier for you by reviewing 10 best filter coffee machine for 2021. You can select the one that meets all your requirements.

1.Philips HD 7546/20

Unlike many filter coffee machines within its price range, the Philips HD 7546/20 is solidly made, offering durable construction that doesn’t feel flimsy in your hand. On top of that, this filter coffee machine serves your cup of joe very hot, and it tastes fantastic!

What I like about it:
1.2 litre water tank capacity
Easy-to-read water level indicator
Dishwasher-proof filter and parts
Robust stainless steel thermos flask.

The best filter coffee machine in UK 2020
The best filter coffee machine in UK 2021

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2. Melitta Filter Coffee Machine with Glass Jug, Easy II Model

The Easy II Coffee Maker with Durable Borosilicate Glass Jug and Integrated Cable Storage
The Easy II coffee maker is just that: easy. With its convenient front facing water level indicator and 1.25 L tank, you can be certain you’re able to make enough of everyone’s favourite, flavourful brew the first time around, whether it be 10 large (125 ml) or 15 small (85 ml) cups.

The borosilicate glass jug keeps coffee warm for 40 minutes and features a cup level indicator, making portioned serving a simple task. The anti-drip system means coffee only goes into the pot, not on your countertop, while the auto-off feature can save energy and provide peace of mind. The Easy II has a compact design with an integrated storage compartment for its cable, and its swivel filter can be easily detached and put in the dishwasher.

The best filter coffee machine in UK 2020
The best filter coffee machine in UK 2021

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3. Morphy Richards 162501 Equip Filter Coffe Machine

It performs superbly, creating excellent coffee and at a very good temperature to, it is also nice and hot, especially if left on the hotplate for a few minutes after filtration with the supplied mesh filter and also with mesh removed and using unbleached size 4 paper filters.

I have also tried making the coffee single strength and drinking as is and also making like in a coffee shop, double strength and diluting with off the boil water, which gives double the capacity of the jug in theory. Both ways of brewing worked perfectly, which was an excellent result. So you can have the coffee as strong or as weak as you like and make your own adjustment to suit your palate We drink mugs of coffee in our house and this machine makes up to four mugs with one single strength brew at a time.

The price of this machine is fantastic, it is worth double the price and is so much better than those ridiculous, waste of money, pod machines that people buy because they look good rather than making a great cup of coffee, then get charged a fortune.
We are really impressed with this machine and would not hesitate in recommending it to anybody.

The best filter coffee machine in UK 2021
The best filter coffee machine in UK 2021

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4.Russell Hobbs 20680 Buckingham Filter Coffee Machine

The Buckingham Coffee Maker uses showerhead technology during the filtering process. This showers all of the coffee grains in the permanent filter, making sure that all of the coffee is used. Because more of the coffee is captured and dissolved, you enjoy a richer coffee flavour – and less waste in filter. Whether you prefer intense or mild flavours, this machine makes coffee just how you like it.
The Buckingham Coffee Maker reaches the optimum brewing temperature, up to 50 per cent faster for optimal tasting coffee. It also has a 24 hour programmable timer that allows you to set your machine to have your coffee ready and waiting first thing in the morning or after your evening meal, whenever you like it best.

The Buckingham Coffee Maker is designed to be compact and stylish. It can make up to 10 cups at a time in its 1.25 litre glass carafe and, if you don’t need that many, it can be set to make two to four cups. It has a blue illuminated light ring that comes on during brewing and stays on during the ‘keep warm’ stage.

The best filter coffee machine in UK 2021
The best filter coffee machine in UK 2021

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5.Melitta AromaFresh

If you’re looking to spend a little more on your filter coffee machine, this is a fantastic purchase. Not only can you make freshly ground coffee, but you’ll also be enjoying a cup of coffee that has exceptional taste. Additionally, you can even program a warm-up setting so you’ll have a piping hot cup of coffee every single morning.
You can also use the timer function to prepare a cup of coffee in accordance with your desired schedule. It also comes with an LCD screen along with a water hardness adjustment setting. To clean your coffee machine, you can detach some of the parts and place it in the dishwasher. Other great features of this coffee machine include being able to make 10 cups of coffee, being able to adjust the coffee grind level and intensity, and coming with a Borosilicate glass jug.
This premium filter coffee machine is exactly what you need if you don’t mind spending a little more. It not only has exceptional taste but also comes with numerous features such as a timer function, anti-drip system, descaling program and more. It’s a fantastic purchase if you’re someone that’s particular about the cup of coffee you drink every morning.

The best filter coffee machine in UK 2021
The best filter coffee machine in UK 2021

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6.Smeg DCF02WHUK Drip Coffee Machine

Wake up to the enticing aroma of a barista-style coffee and get your mornings started the right way with the drip coffee machine from Smeg. The 1.4 Litre water tank provides up to 10 cups of delicious coffee on a single use and the handy 40-minute keep warm function will let you enjoy your drinks throughout the morning. The coffee filter is reusable and can be easily cleaned. Each function of the coffee machine is easily navigated with the user-friendly control panel, while the contemporary LED display provides clear visibility of the settings and clock. This machine gives you complete control, featuring an aroma intensity button with a light or intense option, so you can make a richly-flavoured coffee at the touch of a button.

The auto start mode provides more freedom to your coffee making, as you can programme the machine to commence at a given time so it’s ready before starting your day. An anti-drip system helps avoid spillages, while the anti-slip feet provide added stability on your kitchen countertop

The best filter coffee machine in UK 2021
The best filter coffee machine in UK 2021

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7.Melitta Filter Coffee Maker with Glass Pourer

A Beautifully Transparent, User-Friendly Filter Coffee Machine
The programmable Optima Timer filters piping-hot, aromatic coffee into a clear, strong borosilicate glass jug. With its smooth surfaces, anti-drip design, removable water tank and calc-level warning signal to support descaling, you can reasonably safeguard the clean integrity of this beautiful coffee machine. The convenient timer-controlled brewing feature ensures timely arrival of up to eight large cups, indicated by clear marking indicators on the transparent water tank. The stainless steel of the filter and jug handle contrasts remarkably with the smooth, black main surfaces of the apparatus, as well as with its LED timer screen and with the transparency of its strong jug and double-walled, removable water tank.
Timer-controlled brewing means you can programme the machine to start brewing your morning coffee before you have awoken. It functions like an alarm clock, and its drip-stop filter ensures no mess and no waste.

The best filter coffee machine in UK 2021
The best filter coffee machine in UK 2021

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8.De’Longhi Filter Coffee Machine

I wanted something similarly simple and the De Longhi fits the bill. Being able to use paper filters cuts down on messy disposal of coffee grounds. Design-wise it’s perhaps a bit taller than it needs to be, in terms of need to pull it away from underneath the kitchen unit cupboards in order to flip the top open and fill with water. I like the feature that it turns itself off after 40 minutes as it happens to suit me. The plastic of the filter-holder seems to hold on to water droplets in the dishwasher, so it benefits from an extra pat dry on removal otherwise it can make the paper filter wet when next used. Personally I’d have liked it in white, to suit my kitchen decor better, whereas it only seems to come in dark brown, but for me the practicability and ease of being able to use paper filters trumps colour choice. All round a good buy at a fair price.

The best filter coffee machine in UK 2021
The best filter coffee machine in UK 2021

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9.Morphy Richards 163007 Verve Pour Over Filter Coffee Machine

The Morphy Richards Verve Collection is inspired by artisan pottery and ceramics. Its elegant silhouettes provide a modern appearance while the surface texture celebrates age old ceramic traditions. Perfect for those who enjoy the true taste of coffee but want it delivered quickly and conveniently.

Programmable timer that allows you to wake up to a fresh coffee.Perfect for those who enjoy the true taste of coffee but want it delivered quickly and conveniently.
Reusable permanent ‘cupcake’ filter to create a smoother flavour.
1.8L capacity for up to 12 cups
The unique cupcake shaped filter allows even coverage of the coffee thereby avoiding over and under-extraction of coffee which is commonly found when using cone shaped filters. The cupcake filter can be used with or without additional disposable filter papers
After your machine has brewed a fresh carafe of coffee, it will keep it warm for up to 30 minutes.

The best filter coffee machine in UK 2021
The best filter coffee machine in UK 2021

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10.Russell Hobbs Luna Filter Coffee Maker

Cure your coffee cravings every day with the awe-inspiring Luna Copper Coffee Machine. In statement stainless steel and alluring copper, this enchanting coffee machine is the perfect addition to any worktop.
The showerhead technology on the Luna Copper Coffee Machine ensures the water is fully distributed, enabling full coverage over the coffee grind, to improve the temperature.
Being spectacular in appearance and extraordinary in size, the Luna Copper Coffee Machines’ 1.8L water tank is perfect for catering for large groups. Simply set the machine to pour the amount of cups you need and sit back and relax whilst it makes everyone a delicious coffee.

The Luna Copper Coffee Machine’s auto keep warm plate keeps your carafe of coffee heated for up to a 40 minutes, meaning you can go back and enjoy another cup of delicious coffee without needing to brew a new pot.

With a washable filter holder, you won’t have the expense or hassle of having to replace the filter. Simply rinse it under the tap to clear out the build-up of coffee in your filter after each use.

The best filter coffee machine in UK 2021
The best filter coffee machine in UK 2021

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How to choose best filter coffee machine

What is the right coffee filter? Choosing the right coffee filter can be confusing an d especially when you have little or no information about the various coffee filters in the market. From metal to bleached filters, you may find yourself unable to pick the right one. But don’t worry because we have you covered. This guide takes you everything you need to know about choosing the right coffee filter. So, make sure to read it to the very end.

1.Bleached vs Unbleached
There are many bleached and unbleached coffee filters in the market. But is there a difference between them?
Bleached filters
These are papers that have undergone a bleaching process that makes them appear white. Two products are used in the bleaching process. That is oxygen and chlorine.

Chlorine is used to whiten the filters, but it does not do an excellent job compared to oxygen. Using oxygen results in high-quality bleached coffee filters. So, if looking for quality bleached coffee filters, then make sure to look for filters that are bleached using oxygen.

Unfortunately, bleached coffee filters are not friendly to the environment. They can pollute the environment when discarded, even though a small amount of bleach is used.
Unbleached filters
Unbleached filters don’t have that bright look bleached filters have. They are a bit dark, more natural, and much more environmentally friendly. These filters don’t undergo any manufacturing process, and this means when they break down, they are not harmful to the environment as bleached filters.

2.Paper vs. Metal
Which filter will get the job done? Paper or metal? There is much debate about these two filters in the coffee world. Some recommend paper filters, while others go for metal filters. So, which is the best option? To help you decide which filter is suitable for you, we take you through a few questions.

Which coffee filters cost more?
Metal filters are a bit expensive compared to paper filters but worth an investment if you are a big coffee drinker. Paper filters are cheap, but you must keep buying them. If you want to save more in the long run, it best to go for metal filters.

What about the environment?
If you are concerned about mother earth, by all means, go for metal filters. They are not only recyclable but also last longer. Here, metal filters are the obvious winner.

Which coffee filter is easier to clean?
While this one can be subjective, a paper filter is an obvious winner. Why? You just simply lift the filter out and discard it. When it comes to a metal filter, you must dump it before rinsing it after each pot. Additionally, you have to put it through cleaning cycles in your dishwasher or sink to make sure it is always ready for use.

Which one is better?
If you are concerned about your health, paper filters are the best. Experts say that they remove cafestol, an oil that is known for raising cholesterol levels.

However, there are some concerns that the bleach in paper filters may get into your coffee. If worried about bleach in your coffee, consider switching to unbleached paper filters.

If you choose metal filters, you don’t have to worry about bleaching agents finding their way to your cup of coffee.

Will the type of coffee filter affect the taste?
Metal and paper filters will produce coffee that tastes very different from one another. This could impact which one you go for. Metal filters don’t remove as much of the cafestol from coffee as paper filters do. This means more oil end up in your coffee; hence, you get a much bolder and richer coffee compared to what you get with a paper filter. So, if thirsting for a fuller body cup of coffee with a bold flavor, metal filters are a sure bet.

On the other hand, paper filters remove much of the cafestol resulting in a much brighter flavored drink that is much lighter in body. Many drinkers prefer this taste. You may also want to be careful with paper filters as your coffee can taste paper. The best solution to this is rinsing filters with hot water first.

The bottom line, go for metal filters if thirsting for a much bolder cup of coffee and not worried about what is filtered. If worried about what is filtered and prefer a lighter cup of coffee that is much brighter in taste, buy paper filters.

3.The shape of your filter
The types of filters tend to be the favorite among more dedicated homebrewers. There are available in two basic types. One shaped like a standard cone and the other has a round opening with two sides that taper into a shorter line.

Also known as flat-bottom filter or cupcake, these filters are either shaped like buckets with smooth edges or like cupcake liners with a fold around the sides.

Note that the openings at the top basket filters can be larger than the surface area at the bottom, but the difference is not nearly as extreme as conical filters.

Disk filters are commonly used for AeroPresses as a replacement or alternative for the French Press filters. Compared to the other filters, disk filters are a bit smaller and do not follow the standard sizing rules.

4.Your Coffee Brewing Method
Most coffee makers come with coffee filters and in most cases, metal filters. Some let you order one instead of using a paper filter, and there are those that don’t make metal filters for their machines like pour-over systems. Doing your homework in advance can help you avoid such brewers.

Basically, whether you go for a paper filter or metal one, it all depends on your taste. We recommend you try both and then pick one that works best for you.


It is never an easy task to choose the right coffee filter. We know it, and we have done all the heavy lifting for you. Hopefully, this guide was helpful.



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