Hamsters are one of the most popular pets of all time and have become adored additions to millions of families worldwide.

Whilst hamsters love roaming and exploring, they are still burrowing rodents that love their homes. A hamster will become attached to its home like we are to ours, it becomes a safe haven for them to play, sleep and eat.

Settling your hamster into a quality cage is one of the best things you can do for its wellbeing and quality of life.

This article will review the best hamster cage brands in the UK and what to consider when buying a hamster cage.

Top 10 Best hamster cages in UK 2021.

1. Little Friends Savoy Gerbilarium Cage with Accessories

This is a deluxe hamster cage that is well named after the famous Savoy Hotel! It’s suitable for hamsters as well as other larger rodents. It is suitable for dwarf hamsters but due to its larger size, it is marginally better suited to Golden/Syrian hamsters.

The exterior cage wire is made from super-strong chew-proof steel and is narrowly spaced, preventing escape. The door is also very secure. It comes bundled with a little hamster house at the top level, a bowl and a hamster wheel. You may need to add a further house in the base as well as other toys.

The defining feature of this excellent hamster cage is its reinforced glass base. This is impressively deep, enabling any hamster to create a large bed and network of burrows or tunnels. You could fill this out with tunnels and toys, as well as bedding.

The benefits of glass here is that it allows you to see your hamster and is chew-proof, dig-proof and strong. Glass is also a better insulator than plastic and this will help keep your hamster warm.

Top 10 Best hamster cages in UK 2021
Top 10 Best hamster cages in UK 2021

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2. Favola Hamster Cage

One excellent feature of this hamster cage is its side-mounted port. This allows you to connect tunnels, and these can connect to another cage. This means that if you do find out that your hamster is very active then you can connect it to a secondary smaller cage. The cage is built from narrowly-spaced high-quality chew-proof steel.

The Favola Hamster Cage does have a very deep base, which is great for hamsters that like to dig or create larger nests. The base is transparent, keeping the entire cage relatively lightweight. There are also 4 accessories; a 5-inch hamster wheel (can be replaced with a bigger one), food bowl, water bottle and hamster house.

Top 10 Best hamster cages in UK 2021
Top 10 Best hamster cages in UK 2021


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3. Rosewood Abode Dwarf Hamster Home

The Rosewood Abode Dwarf Hamster and Mouse Home has a top vent for air flow, ensuring that hamsters remain warm but well-ventilated. This also features a mounting hole for water bottles. Built-in to the hamster home, you’ll find a wheel, hamster house on the top level and food bowl. Available in two colours, it’s also stylishly designed.

As mentioned, this hamster home is suitable for dwarf hamsters only and is built to keep them warm, safe and secure. The high-quality plastic is easy to maintain and it’s easy to clean and open to replace bedding, etc. The base is quite deep, allowing hamsters to dig, burrow and build nests to their heart’s content.

Top 10 Best hamster cages in UK 2021
Top 10 Best hamster cages in UK 2021

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4. Ferplast Cage for Hamsters

Another very large cage, the Ferplast Cage for Hamsters is another glass-based hamster cage with ample room and two levels. It’s suitable for both dwarf hamsters and Golden/Syrian hamsters.

Whilst it might seem too tall for dwarf hamsters, the levels are well-spaced and ensure that there’s not a huge distance to fall.

The levels and ladders are made from high-quality wood and there are 3 accessories bundled in for free. These include a hamster wheel, hamster house and bowl.

The front door is very secure and this cage also features a reinforced glass base. The glass base is very deep and allows hamsters to dig and tunnel, creating nests from a thick base of bedding. It’s ideal for placing a tunnel network in too.

Glass is a good insulator and can help keep your hamster warm, and it is also dig-proof and chew-proof compared to conventional plastic bases.

Top 10 Best hamster cages in UK 2021
Top 10 Best hamster cages in UK 2021

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5. Little Friends Plaza Hamster Cage with Three Floors

Does your hamster act like Spiderman?! Then the Little Friends Plaza may really fit the bill. This is more of a tower block than a standard hamster home measuring a mighty 80cm in height!

This grand hamster cage is easily big enough for very active Golden/Syrian hamsters. With the height, you wouldn’t want to risk it with dwarf hamsters unless you’re absolutely sure that they love heights and have ninja-level agility.

Whilst hamsters are very steadfast and have excellent grips, the height is still considerable between floors.

The Little Friends Plaza Tall Cage comes with 3 wooden levels, a large hamster home in the bottom and a smaller one at the top. There’s also a hamster wheel, 3 food bowls and see-saw toy. The plastic base is quite deep, allowing your hamster to build nests to its heart’s content.

The whole cage is built from durable plastic and narrow-spaced chew-proof steel. It is large and heavy, but it’s designed to collapse into a small form for transport and storage, which is great.

Top 10 Best hamster cages in UK 2021
Top 10 Best hamster cages in UK 2021

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6. Zoozone Habitat

The medium-sized version of Zoozone’s Habitat series is far more spacious than many cages in higher price brackets. The emphasis here is clearly on living space – you can fill the Zoozone with every item a hamster needs and could ever want, and they’ll still have plenty of room to roam around.

You’d be forgiven for thinking more space results in more effort to look after. The lid is secure but can be removed easily, so cleaning the Habitat is less finicky than in other cages. It is also transparent, so you have great visibility of your hamster at all times. The cage is tall enough so your hamsters won’t be able to escape through the top, but if you want peace of mind then we recommend applying mesh, which thankfully can be done easily and cheaply.

One thing worth noting is the Zoozone doesn’t come pre-equipped with additional accessories such as wheel and house. However, because it gives your hamster so much space at such an affordable price, it should still be cheaper and more spacious than many rivals once fully equipped.

Top 10 Best hamster cages in UK 2021
Top 10 Best hamster cages in UK 2021

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7. Ferplast Duna Fun

The Ferplast Duna Fun comes equipped with everything your little friend needs. It has a great variety of levels, tunnels and hideouts to keep it entertained. The cage itself is sturdy and the accessories are very secure, so even the most mischievous hamsters will have trouble breaking or dislodging anything.

There are also a few housekeeping features that we love. For instance, you can refill the water bottle using a jug without going through the trouble of taking it off the cage. Furthermore, the wire grid at the top of the cage opens, which comes in handy if you want to do some quick maintenance or just give your little friend some affection. If you want to do some bigger maintenance work, then don’t fret, as the base is removable.

Top 10 Best hamster cages in UK 2021
Top 10 Best hamster cages in UK 2021

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8. Ferplast Duna Maxi Multy

The Ferplast Duna Maxi Multy is the costliest entry on this list, but for good reason. While many cages are so small that they verge on cruel, this model’s capacious design comfortably trumps almost every other offering. Pair this expansiveness with a deep base ideal for burrowing, and your hamsters have the perfect home. It’s so large that once it’s been filled with all the accessories your hamster needs, it will still have plenty of space to run around.

The bars in the Maxi Multy are under 10mm, making them suitable for any species of hamster. As it is so spacious, it can comfortably house a Syrian or multiple Dwarves with no issues. The entire lid lifts, which makes the entire cage easy to access and clean thoroughly. It also has safety hooks on the lid, to prevent any unwanted escapes.

The only con here really is it doesn’t come pre-equipped with all the items your hamster will need. Coupled with the already high asking price, and the Maxi Multy certainly represents a considerable investment. Considering it will provide any hamster with the perfect home, however, we’d say that’s an investment worth making.

Top 10 Best hamster cages in UK 2021
Top 10 Best hamster cages in UK 2021

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9. Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage

Buying accessories for your cage can add up quickly. This one may cost more upfront, but as it comes with tunnels, exercise wheel, two houses, a penthouse, a water bottle and more, you may find that you save more than if you had purchased everything separately. Reviewers love that the cage is a roomy 31.5 x 20 x 20 inches and that you can rearrange all the accessories so your hamster will never get bored. The cage has two large handles, which are great if you’ll be toting your hamster from place to place. Note that this isn’t recommended for dwarf hamsters as the wires are spaced 37 inches apart.

Top 10 Best hamster cages in UK 2021
Top 10 Best hamster cages in UK 2021

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10. MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Critter Nation Single Unit Small Animal Cage

While hamsters are a low maintenance pet, they aren’t a zero maintenance pet. You’ll need to feed them, give them water, play with them and clean their cages regularly. This cage makes that last part easy thanks to full-width double doors that let you easily remove the leak-proof bottom pan for cleaning and freshening up your pet’s bedding. The only downside is that you’ll have to make sure your hamster isn’t planning an escape before you open the doors for cleaning or feeding. The cage is a very large 900 sq. ft. and has four locking wheel casters so you can move it from room to room.

Top 10 Best hamster cages in UK 2021
Top 10 Best hamster cages in UK 2021

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From the lofty heights of the Little Friends Plaza to the luxury of the Savoy and compact, homely Rosewood Abode, there’s something for every breed of hamster here, small or large.

As a rule of thumb, the younger, bigger and more active your hamster is, the bigger cage they need. Some older or lazier/more lethargic hamsters will be fine in smaller cages, provided you give them some much-needed time outside of their cages.

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