Hamsters need good quality grub to live the happiest, healthiest lifestyle they can, and it’s up to us owners to make sure they get it!

However, with muesli mixes, seeds, pellets, nuggets, fruit and veg mixes and all sorts of fancy names for the different hammy foods out there, it can be difficult to separate nutritional superfoods from those companies whose flowery words are simply carpeting over some seriously dodgy ingredients!

So to make sure that the only thing that ever passes your hamster’s chubby cheeks are wholesome, nourishing nutrients, we’ve searched far and wide for the most complete, non-artificial hamster food available and are desperate to share with you our findings!

Top 10 Best hamster food in UK 2021.

1. Witte Molen Puur Dwarf Hamsters & Mice

Hamsters are omnivores, which means they need a little bit of everything in their diets to help them live a happy and wholesome lifestyle.

That’s why this gourmet muesli from Witte Molen is a fantastic choice for hammy owners as it features the scrumptious concoction of sunflower seed, linseed, muesli and elderberries for a  nourishing vitamin filled meal that will help support a fresh, shiny coat!

Designed especially for dwarf hamsters, there’s also some protein-packed mealworms to build up your little furball’s strength and the added bonus of yucca extract to combat unpleasant odours in their droppings!

It’s an orchestra of antioxidants waiting to work their magic on your wee pal!

Top 10 Best hamster food in UK 2021
Top 10 Best hamster food in UK 2021

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2. Supreme’s Harry Hamster Tasty Mix

Probably the most popular hamster food on the market, you’ve likely already at least heard of Harry Hamster before, as he is probably to hamster food what Ainsley Harriot is to couscous.

Nutritionally balanced and suitable for hamsters of all breeds, this mix contains delicious ingredients such as peanuts, maize, oats, wheat, peas, sunflower and pumpkin seeds as well as added vitamins! So quite a lot!

This provides a tasty everyday diet for your hamster and also promotes their natural wellbeing and vitality, encouraging natural foraging behaviours and utilising natural prebiotics for digestive health.

It’s therefore no surprise that Harry remains the most revered and only hamster chef on the shelves!

Top 10 Best hamster food in UK 2021
Top 10 Best hamster food in UK 2021

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3. Supreme’s Science Selective Hamster Food

Suitable for all breeds and veterinary approved, Supreme’s Science Selective range is designed to specifically fight against selective feeding while still meeting the nutritional requirements of hamsters.

Using an oats and barley formula, these perfect pellets are highly palatable by being rich in wholegrain goodness and as well as being tasty still provides the additional health boost of linseed oil to help ensure coats stay glossy and nourished.

But it’s what Science Selective don’t put into their recipe which really makes it a winner, and so it can be worth comparing their ingredients list with the current fodder you are supplying to your hamster!

While many hamster foods quietly contain molasses, syrup and other high-sugar ingredients that cause overeating, obesity and dental problems, Supreme is committed to providing a zero added sugar pellet with absolutely no artificial ingredients that ensures its place as one of the healthier hamster food options available.

Top 10 Best hamster food in UK 2021
Top 10 Best hamster food in UK 2021

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4. Beaphar Care Plus

Sometimes when you’re buying hamster food, you just want to find something that truly focuses on your rodent’s health, ignoring everything else and simply providing a meal that has taken every aspect of a hammy’s health into account.

Well owners, we may well have found the food for you, as it doesn’t get more impressive than Beaphar’s Care+ Food for Hamsters, an all-in-one formulation which promises identical nutritional composition in each individual nugget!

Extremely palatable, Beaphar’s product has been developed alongside vets and nutritionists to create small, specially shaped pellets that allow hamster’s to act on their natural instincts and store food in their cheek pouches without discomfort.

By storing all it’s nutrition into one nugget, Beaphar’s Care+ prevents selective feeding and is naturally hardened to support teeth wearing and reduce the risk of dental issues.

A balanced ratio of animal protein, fats, vegetables and zero added sugars, it is perfectly adapted to meet a hamster’s high energy and nutritional requirements!

Top 10 Best hamster food in UK 2021
Top 10 Best hamster food in UK 2021

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5. Vitakraft Emotion – Beauty Selection For Dwarf Hamsters

As if your hamster wasn’t beautiful enough already, pet food company Vitakraft have released this so-called beauty selection from their popular Emotion range, a tasty blend of hamster nuggets that promise to boost the appearance of your hamster as well as their health!

Combining selected cereals, vegetables, fruity apple, essential oil and protein-packed shrimps, this balanced staple food has literally everything within it to help provide optimal care to hamsters of all ages!

As with every food in the Emotion range, the beauty selection contains Vitakraft’s unique Trivita complex, an innovative extra for perky and healthy dwarf hamsters.

The Trivita complex combines essential omega-3 fatty acids, prebiotic Inulin and DHA from seaweed to promote healthy intestinal flora as well as sharp and reliable brain, heart and immune system function.

As for your hamster’s beauty, the nuggets boost skin and coat health through it’s essential oils, uses methionine to promote hair growth and high-fibre for dental abrasion.

Top 10 Best hamster food in UK 2021
Top 10 Best hamster food in UK 2021

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6. Burgess Hamster, Gerbil & Mouse Food

Burgess are one of the most respected and revered pet food companies in the country, using only the best quality ingredients to provide domestic animals with complete and nutritionally rich meals!

And we’re happy to report that their Hamster, Gerbil and Mouse Nuggets are no exception, with a composition which aims to replicate a rodent’s natural diet, helping them stay happy and healthy at all times!

The best thing about Burgess’ nuggets is that they prevent the selective feeding traits hamsters are exposed to when eating mixed varieties of food, combining all the nutritious and fibre rich elements into one, irresistible nugget!

Coming in perfectly small chewable and digestible chunks, the nuggets are packed with linseed oil to boost a hamster’s skin and are also naturally flavoured with peas to make them extra tasty for your perfect pal!

And considering they’ve been providing pet food since 1790, we think it’s fair to say Burgess knows what they’re doing!

Top 10 Best hamster food in UK 2021
Top 10 Best hamster food in UK 2021

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7. Vitakraft Rodent Drops

Hamsters go absolutely nuts for yoghurt drops, but many brands contain just far too much sugar! That’s why we’ve chosen this healthy alternative from Vitakraft instead. We do wish there were some added vitamins or minerals included, though.

Made using a sugar-free recipe of dairy products and vegetable fats, you won’t have to deprive your hamsters of their favourite treat. Have a go hiding one in their cage to encourage foraging, or keep as a reward for teaching good behaviour and tricks!

Top 10 Best hamster food in UK 2021
Top 10 Best hamster food in UK 2021

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8. Witte Molen Puur Hamster Food

Witte Molen Puur hamster food is a complete, gourmet seed mix and more nutritionally-balanced muesli alternative. Puur contains a mix of staples like seeds, vegetables and grains, as well as hamster-enticing morsels such as dried fruit, mealworms and yucca extract to help combat unpleasant cage smells.

With these types of mixes, hamsters are prone to picking out the best bits and leaving the rest. So, unless you’ve managed to try it out before, we recommend sampling the 400 g bag first to avoid waste.

Top 10 Best hamster food in UK 2021
Top 10 Best hamster food in UK 2021

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9. Kaytee Natural Timothy Hay Cubes High Fibre Food

A blend of timothy hay and alfalfa, Kaytee Natural Timothy Hay Cubes are a little firmer than other similar products to help with dental maintenance while supplementing fibre in the diet.

As they’re designed for rabbits and guinea pigs as well as other small animals, you may want to break them up a bit before giving them to your hamsters so they can enjoy them properly. Conversely, larger chunks could be used as a substitute for treat sticks.

Top 10 Best hamster food in UK 2021
Top 10 Best hamster food in UK 2021

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10. Burgess Hamster Gerbil + Mouse Food

Hamster food can get surprisingly pricey, but you needn’t spend a fortune trying to find a healthy option thanks to Burgess’s nutritionally-balanced mix. Made using a carefully-crafted recipe, these mini nuggets consist of peas, linseed, soy and more to provide all the nutrients your hamster needs.

A good base for your daily feed, try adding in some dried mealworms, sunflower seeds or fresh veggies for variation!

Top 10 Best hamster food in UK 2021
Top 10 Best hamster food in UK 2021

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Some hamsters are fussier than others, so don’t be disheartened if they turn their little noses up at your chosen offering. The best way to introduce a new food is to slowly swap out their usual feed over the course of a week. If they’re still not a fan, hopefully we’ve given you plenty of healthy ideas to try until you find the right one!

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