Oil-filled radiators can heat a room far more efficiently than electric fan or panel heaters. They’re known for producing a consistent temperature and being very safe to use.

They come in a range of sizes and colours but are usually characterised by the metal fins that distribute heat.

Ideal for most sized rooms and easily manoeuvrable, oil filled radiators are a solid choice to get you through the cold winter months.

This article will review the best oil radiator brands in the UK and other factors to consider before buying an oil radiator.

Top 10 best oil radiator in UK 2021

Below, we review the top oil radiator on the market. We’ve made our selections to fill specific applications according to room size, efficiency, budget, and other variables. Of course, beyond heating ability, every entry on our list boasts superior safety features–because ultimately a heater must protect your family, not endanger them.

  1. De’Longhi Dragon 4 Oil Filled Radiator 

A significant upgrade from the already great Dragon 3, De’Longhi’s Dragon 4 Oil Filled Radiator is our top pick.

It has a range of heat settings available. The lowest of which puts out 1100 watts, while the medium option is 1400W. The highest setting will not often be needed as it can put out a maximum of 2500W.

Although at full power this radiator will get up to temperature very quickly and create a huge amount of heat, it’s expensive to run when compared with the lower settings.

Designed to work best in a room measuring 75m², the Dragon 4 uses an enhanced chimney effect to quickly heat the entire area.

The thermostat and power output are simple to set with the manual dials, while the 24-hour mechanical timer allows you to easily program the radiator’s on and off times.

The best oil radiator in UK 2021
The best oil radiator in UK 2021

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2. Ansio 11 Fins

The Ansio Oil Filled Radiator is a good choice for homes with children as it benefits from a child lock, which is extremely useful to stop little hands from changing your heating settings.

The best oil radiator in UK 2021
The best oil radiator in UK 2021

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3. Pro Breeze® 2500W Oil Filled Radiator

When it comes to sheer value for money, the Pro Breeze® 2500W Oil Filled Radiator is arguably the overall best heater on the market. The reason for the discount might be due to the heater being on the market for a few years, but that just means it has stood the test of the time. Unlike, say, a smartphone, improvements to radiators are slow and subtle, and a solid older design like the Pro Breeze 2500W can (and does) prove effective for many years before becoming obsoleted.

It features 11 oil-filled fins, ensuring your room will be swiftly filled with radiant heat upon use. Crucial safety features include a secure tip-over switch, overheat protection, and automatic thermal cut-off. The built-in thermostat will allow you to regulate the temperature with unsurpassed control, ensuring the room maintains a glowing warmth any time of the year.

The best oil radiator in UK 2021
The best oil radiator in UK 2021

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4. ANSIO Remote Controlled Oil Filled Heater

Another premium option is by the ANSIO brand and is fairly unique because it can be controlled via a remote control. It has a 11 fin design that is capable of producing a heat output of up to 2,300 watts whilst on the highest heat setting.

Depending upon your requirements, the three heat modes available with this radiator produce 1000, 1300 or 2300 watts.

Other features of the ANSIO Heater include:

  • 11 oil filled fins
  • Overheat protection system
  • Easy to move caster wheels
  • Child lock and safety tip-over features
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Three year warranty
The best oil radiator in UK 2021
The best oil radiator in UK 2021

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5. Igenix IG0500 600 W Mini Oil Filled Radiator

If you liked the first recommendation but black is not your colour then you would definitely like this white Igenix 600 W mini radiator. With the size of 10 x 28 x 35 cm and a weight of 3.89 kg (8.77 lb), this radiator is small, compact, lightweight yet effective and efficient. This oil filled heater is best for small spaces such as in a garage, mobile home, caravans, etc.

This radiator has an adjustable thermostat dial. The Igenix IG0500 is not like other devices in the market, with a leak-proof system, nasty oil stains on carpet and the wooden floor would be the last of your concern. For additional safety measures, the manufacturer has added an overheat protection setting. This feature turns off the radiator automatically in situations of overheating. The IG0500 is a corded device with a cable length of 1.3 m. Igenix also offers a 2 years guarantee with the product. If you are interested in getting the free guarantee you can register online.

The best oil radiator in UK 2021
The best oil radiator in UK 2021

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6. NETTA 2500W Oil Filled Electric Heater Radiator

Need to take an edge off the cold? The NETTA 2500W Oil Filled Electric Heater Radiator is going to keep you warm and cosy all winter long. This powerful heater is easy to move around since it has wheels. It provides even heat and it doesn’t use a lot of electricity. This heater is efficient and is powerful enough to heat up medium to large rooms with ease.

The best oil radiator in UK 2021
The best oil radiator in UK 2021

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7. AMOS 13-Fin 3000W Oil Filled Radiator

The AMOS Oil-Filled Radiator is one of the best options if you are looking for an additional heat source for your home or office. The heater is designed with three different power output settings that allow you to set the desired temperature for the space.

Because it works well in small spaces, you will need to buy one for each room of your house to keep all the rooms warm. There’s no need to worry about overheating because the heater goes off automatically when it starts getting too hot. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a timer mode, so you cannot set how long it will run for. If you need it to stop working, you have to turn it off yourself.

Overall, however, if you need the best oil-radiator that is safe to use and doesn’t overheat, you should consider this product.

The best oil radiator in UK 2021
The best oil radiator in UK 2021

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8. Mill 99407 Portable Oil Filled Radiator

The Mill portable oil filled radiator comes with a fast-heating 2000W system with Mill heat boost technology which heats rooms faster thanks to its compact design that pushes hot air out.

Notable features of the oil-filled radiator are its adjustable thermostat which comes with a day/night energy-saving option allowing you to turn down the radiators heat when your not around.

It also comes with an LED screen which helps control the power settings and 3 heat settings that come with the oil-filled radiator.

The best oil radiator in UK 2021
The best oil radiator in UK 2021

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9. Russell Hobbs RHOFR5001

This Russell Hobbs radiator gives you a step up in power from the smaller models without much of a step up in price. Its 1500W gives you enough heat to cover smaller living rooms and bedrooms, or even warm up a conservatory; the manufacturer rates it for rooms of up to 15m.² However, it’s still pretty light and compact and, at just under 8kg, easy enough to move around on its sturdy wheels. The three heat settings give you a choice of 600W, 900W and maximum 1.5kW output, and it warms up rapidly and does a good job of retaining a steady heat. The bigger, more expensive radiators will give you more sophisticated features and more warmth in larger areas, but it’s hard to beat this one on value. And, as a bonus, it also comes in a choice of white or black.

The best oil radiator in UK 2021
The best oil radiator in UK 2021


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10. Warmehaus Slimline Fluid Inertia

Looking for a wall mounted version and budget is not an issue? This one might well be the one for you. It runs at 1,800 watts so you will save on energy bills. It’s an extremely aesthetic design and slimline – a measly 6cm thick. You can choose to use this Warmehaus model either wall mounted or free standing. It’s also water-resistant so would be a perfect addition to the bathroom.

The best oil radiator in UK 2021
The best oil radiator in UK 2021

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How to buy the best electric radiator for you?

Before you think about anything else, you need to think about size and output. Like all electric heaters, electric radiators are rated by their output in watts. The higher the output, the more heat the radiator can dish out and – generally speaking – the larger it will be. What’s more, the higher the output the more expensive the radiator will be to run. This isn’t a massive issue, as all electric radiators have controls that enable you to run them at a lower level, but it obviously makes sense to match your radiator to the size of the room it’s trying to heat.

How safe are portable heaters?

If you follow the instructions, there’s no reason why a portable heater should be unsafe. The most important thing is to never place anything combustible on or too close to the appliance. If using a fan heater, consider whether anything nearby can be blown over (it’s also worth noting that fan heaters should be placed in sufficient space to facilitate an airflow from behind).

Many fans will come with additional safety features, such as tilt protection or a safety cut-out. This means, should something knock it over, like a pet or a small child, it will switch off. Almost all – even cheap options – will have a carry handle, which means you can carry it around without burning your hand.

The best oil radiator in UK 2021
The best oil radiator in UK 2021


After covering 10 in-depth oil-filled radiator reviews followed by what should be a helpful buying guide, we hope you feel far better informed when it comes to the world of home heating systems.

They are energy efficient, well-priced and comfortable additions for your home in colder times of the year! Not to mention they can help to keep the cost of your home heating systems lower.

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