With one of the best PC cases, you’re not just giving your components a proper home, but also protecting them from harm. More than just for showing off all that impressive RGB lighting and mind-blowing power inside, PC cases are made to keep all those components you’ve spent a lot of money on safe from dust, debris, and destruction.

On top of protecting your components, the best PC cases can also keep things future-proof by offering additional space for future expansions and upgrades, as well as everything working in tip-top shape by offering proper ventilation. You don’t just want to showcase the best processors, the best graphics cards, SSDs, and RAM you’ve spent a lot of money on, after all. You want to make sure they’ll last you for a long time.

TOP 10 best PC case in UK 2021

Round out that powerful gaming PC you just built with one of the best PC cases below. With our price comparison tool included, you’ll be able to take one home without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Fractal Design Define R5

Fractal Design wins again with the Define R5, yet another mid-tower case with a gorgeous aesthetic. The metallic and blue LED-lit face of this case is simple, yet elegant, and is accompanied by noise dampening materials throughout its interior. In spite of the detachable ModuVent panels and drive trays not being toolessly accessible, it’s incredibly easy to build a system inside of the Fractal Design Define R5, plus it’s not as expense as you’d expect from a PC case with such a pretentious name.

The best PC cases in UK 2021
The best PC cases in UK 2021

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2.Cooler Master Cosmos C700P

Much like the original Cooler Master Cosmos, the C700P is a hefty beast with a similarly large price-tag. However, we’d argue that it’s worth the expense. A beautiful handlebar design, curved glass panel, and sleek color-scheme are matched by features that’ll support even the most high-end components (including E-ATX motherboards and oversized GPUs).

A larger footprint means that you won’t be pushed for space either, making it a delight to build into. What’s more, the RGB lighting is subtle enough that it won’t distract you while you game. Yes, this is a lot to spend on an enclosure. However, those who are willing to go all out on a build will get a case with everything they need to create a stunning PC.

The best PC cases in UK 2021
The best PC cases in UK 2021

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3.Phanteks Eclipse P300A

If the Phanteks Eclipse P300A had a motto, it would be “less is more.” It succeeds at what it aims to do well and is an excellent choice for a beginner builder. It’s a simple, minimalist budget chassis at a nice $60 price.

Its mesh front panel also lends the chassis to a highly airflow-optimized design. Despite that it only comes with one fan from the factory, performance is acceptable thanks to the mesh front. We would still recommend adding at least one fan to blow air onto the GPU if you can spare the expense, but it’s worth noting that our test bed with the i9-9900K and the 2070 Super is far beyond what most shoppers in this segment would throw at this case, and the P300A’s single fan still managed to keep temperatures in check.

The best PC cases in UK 2021
The best PC cases in UK 2021

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4.Thermaltake View 37

Far from just being an aesthetically minded show-off, the View 37 cleverly enables some painless PC building while delivering fully on cooling and storage support. Removing the View 37’s glass side panel also removes the PC’s roof, which on most tower builds can be an obstruction, both to light and your hands, especially when tinkering with things near the top of the motherboard such as power pins and the CPU cooler.

Even if it’s mostly made of plastic, to our eyes this is easily one of the most striking PC cases around. Better still, the eye-catching design is complemented by the solid I/O offering and support for a whopping seven hard drives or 11 SSDs. Our only complaint is that it lacks advanced cable management options – otherwise, this is far and away the best PC case to buy right now.

The best PC cases in UK 2021
The best PC cases in UK 2021

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5.Thermaltake Versa H18 Micro ATX 

With realistic expectations given the price point Thermaltake Versa H18 Window Micro Case is an excellent case for low to medium budget builds and the PSU shroud is a great feature. I was expecting building in a low-budget micro-atx to be frustrating but no, the building experience was good and hassle-free. Built for GamersThe transparent window panel allows users to display all component of the build, offering a direct view of inner system

As far as case cooling goes, there is room for a front-mounted 240mm radiator or 3x 120mm fans at the front with another 2x 120mm at the rear and top. Overall plenty of airflow options can be achieved here for all levels of hardware;
The latter really is invaluable, particularly if your budget only allows a non-modular PSU. Heck, you can pretty much stuff all your cables under here and still have a pretty tidy build if you’re feeling lazy.

Storage can also be completely hidden from the window – two SSDs can be mounted on the front OR reverse side of the motherboard plate, and there is a harddrive mount under the PSU shroud.

The best PC cases in UK 2021
The best PC cases in UK 2021

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6. CoolerMaster Masterbox K500

The sleek and aggressive K500 is proof that your fix for the latest performance and looks doesn’t need to come at a high price. The CoolerMaster Masterbox K500 is a mid-tower case capable of holding motherboard sizes up to ATX, so it hits the sweet spot where it’s not so big that it takes over your desk or floor but is still spacious enough for a multitude of hardware.

With three pre-installed 120mm fans (two on the top, one on the front), cooling isn’t an issue, and neither is looking cool: all three fans are equipped with RGB lighting. Storage options are a little limited – there are only three slots available – but on the plus side, the front I/O panel is well-equipped with two USB 3 ports and 3.5mm mic/headphone jacks

The best PC cases in UK 2021
The best PC cases in UK 2021

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7.Corsair Carbide 280X

The Corsair Carbide 280X is a successor to the popular Air 240. While sporting a similar form factor, it boasts a slick new design with three tempered glass panels. The regular 280X is reasonably priced for such a solid, attractive chassis, though you’ll likely be tempted to stump up the extra for the RGB SE variant (pictured). This includes two RGB 120mm fans for fantastic rainbow lighting, albeit via Corsair’s proprietary iCUE software. What’s smart about the 280X is its incognito secondary chamber in which you can hide the PSU, storage drives and – most importantly – the cabling. While you won’t receive the best cooling performance from the stock fans, there’s room for water-cooling radiators at the front and top of the case.

The best PC cases in UK 2021
The best PC cases in UK 2021

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8.NZXT H510

The H510 revamps this old favourite with a new tempered glass side, increased air intake and other design tweaks. While airflow still isn’t the best due to the solid front, it’s adequate for many builds. This case’s thoughtful design and solid build quality are a pleasant surprise given its reasonable price. This budget hero is smart and understated, and comes in a range of new colours.
Two Aer F120mm fans* included for optimal internal airflow and the front panel and PSU intakes include removable filters, removeable bracket designed for radiators up to 240mm – simplifies the installation of either closed-loop or custom-loop water cooling.

The best PC cases in UK 2021
The best PC cases in UK 2021

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9. CiT Blaze PC Gaming Case

Product Highlights
Tempered glass – the front and left side tempered glass allows you to show off your internal components
Fans – 3 x 120mm single-ring halo red led fans on the front panel, 2 x 120mm single-ring halo red led fans on the top cover and 1 x 120mm single-ring halo red led fan on the rear
I/o ports – usb2.0 x 2, usb3.0 x 1 and hd audio
Water-cooling support – front panel supports a 240mm radiator
Removable dust filter – a dust filter on the top of the blaze helps to prevent dust from getting into your build and helps improve the performance of your chassis.

The best PC cases in UK 2021
The best PC cases in UK 2021

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10.Phanteks Enthoo Pro Gass

A big case doesn’t have to mean big money. The Phanteks Enthoo Pro Glass has enough space to swing a cat inside – or at least a very large GPU – without costing the earth. It doesn’t feel like a compromise, either. This case is solidly built and looks the business thanks to a sleek black exterior with tempered glass side panel. One of the Enthoo Pro’s deceptively premium features is tool-less, modular drive bays. Whether you’re prioritising storage or making space for your components or cooling it can be tailored to your needs. Handy cable routing options and Velcro straps ensure that however it’s built, it’s tidy. Thanks to its size, this chassis has both great airflow and space for multiple radiators and fans. Only a front intake and rear exhaust fan are included, but there’s space for up to four more.

The best PC cases in UK 2021
The best PC cases in UK 2021

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How to choose the best PC cases for you

1. Consider your motherboard size
Your first and most important consideration is whether or not the computer you want to build will even fit inside the case you’re getting. Generally, this process will be somewhat simple. That’s because case manufacturers are targeting very specific, standardized motherboard sizes.

Computer cases will list what motherboard sizes will fit from E-ATX all the way down to Mini-ITX. In general, a case that supports a larger motherboard size will also fit a smaller motherboard, though you should double check if you don’t see your motherboard size specifically listed in the case’s specs. It’s possible that the case will not have posts for you to screw your motherboard in if the chassis is specifically targeted toward larger motherboards.

2. Make sure there’s room for your CPU cooler
Some CPU coolers can stand up at a considerable height from the CPU itself. If you get a narrow case, there may not be enough room for your cooler. Fortunately, case manufacturers regularly list the CPU cooler clearance in their specs, so you’ll be able to find this information easily. Similarly, CPU coolers will list their height so you can compare that spec with the one listed for the case.

3. Make sure there’s space for your graphics card
Just like your CPU cooler, your graphics card is going to take up extra space, except it’s going to take up space in even more directions. You’ll need to confirm that your case has room for the length and height of your graphics card. You’ll also need to confirm that the back of the case has enough expansions slots for your graphics card. Most popular graphics cards take up two slots.

4. Confirm a proper fit for your power supply
The PC case you pick has to fit all of your components, or you have to pick parts that will fit in the case. Either way, you need to confirm your PSU and case will work together. In this instance, you’ll need to make sure not only that there’s room for your power supply, but also that it will be able to mount in the correct orientation. Some cases support only power supplies at the bottom, while others may support PSUs that mount at the top of the case.
Your power supply needs to get proper airflow to work, so be sure the case you pick is fully compatible. Some cases will simplify this step for you by included a power supply, so you’ll just need to make sure the PSU has the wattage and connectors you need for your computer

5. Consider the drives you want
If you want a computer with a CD/DVD Drive, a Ultra HD Blu-ray drive, six 3.5-inch hard drives, and four 2.5-inch SSDs, you’re going to need a very different case from someone who wants to a computer with no optical drives and strictly PCIe NVMe SSDs. PC cases will list the number of drive bays they include, and whether any of those are the type of front-panel ports you’ll need for optical drives. So decide what you want, or what you may want to add in the future, and choose a case that can fit the drive you want.

6. Determine the front-panel I/O you want
Front-panel ports can make your life a lot better, giving you easier access to plug in peripherals or external storage. So, when you choose your case, you’ll want to consider what kind of ports you want to have available at the front and how many. You’ll also need to make sure your motherboard provides the connections needed to actually enable those ports. You won’t be able to have four USB 3.2 ports at the front of your case if your motherboard only has headers for a pair of USB 2.0 ports.

7. Think about fans
Your CPU and GPU have their own cooling, but the rest of your computer may need some cooling as well. That’s where case fans come in. Many cases will come with some fans, though some won’t. You’ll want to decide how many fans you want, and what size fans, then check to see if the case will support them.


We hope that this post will save you some time considering different PC cases uk.


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