Wellcome to our roundup of the best pedometers – plus, our guide to what to look for when buying one
Walking 10,000 steps a day can have a big positive impact on your overall health and fitness, but trying to keep count in your head isn’t practical. The answer, of course, is a pedometer.
But which should you choose? Pedometers come in all shapes and sizes, and modern designs offer all manner of clever features in addition to basic step-tracking. Here’s our pick of the best pedometers and fitness trackers to suit every budget and lifestyle – let’s dive into this page when you’re looking to buy a pedometer.

Top 10 best pedometers in UK 2021

Your first decision should be to work out what kind of pedometer is right for you. However, there are so many pedometers on the market, which ones is better? We will help you to breaks down those choices, describes each of the main categories – and points you in the direction of the best pedometers.

1. Omron Walking Style One 2.0 pedometer

Omron make medical equipment, including blood pressure monitors and nebulisers, so the name carries some weight – I’m willing to bet this is one of the more accurate pedometers on the market. Like the others, it is easily clipped to a belt. As it’s so thin, you could also slide it in your pocket.

However, for me, it’s slightly let down on a couple of fronts. For a start, it only offers three bits of data: the time, your steps, and your mileage. That’s not a major issue – arguably those are the three things you need most – but it was compounded by the fact that I had to reset the step counter each morning, otherwise it would keep on accumulating. The other pedometers in this list reconfigured automatically.

The Best Pedometers in UK 2021
The Best Pedometers in UK 2021

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2. Xiaomi Mi Band 3

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is ideal if you’re looking to record activity levels such as sleep, active minutes, calories burned, pace, distance, and steps. This versatile instrument tracks light or deep sleep, heart rate, and even the three-day weather forecast. The device features 5ATM water resistance that works well up to 5 meters underwater — so no worries about surfing, swimming, rain, washing, and showers.

You can adjust your sports mode to get detailed statistical analysis, distance measurements, speed calculation, pace tracking, and real-time heart rate monitoring. You can check daily, weekly, and monthly stats using the MiFit app for iOS or Android, which handles data syncing. The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Smart Bracelet has a large OLED display that vibrates for reminders, calls, messages, and social media notifications, including on-screen details, like message content and name or caller ID.

The Best Pedometers in UK 2021
The Best Pedometers in UK 2021

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3. Omron Walking Style IV Step Counter

This basic-looking pedometer has one very clever feature: it can differentiate between regular steps and aerobic walking, where you set a brisker pace and reap greater benefits to your cardiovascular fitness. It also tracks your distance covered and calories burned, and stores the results for seven days – although there’s no facility for uploading this data to an app.

The pedometer also features an action mode, which allows you to record specific walking or running sessions. Start it up and it’ll keep track of the steps taken, calories burned and distance travelled during the workout. The Omron can be slipped in a pocket or bag and has a clip to attach it to a belt, with a replaceable CR2032 battery that will last several months.

The Best Pedometers in UK 2021
The Best Pedometers in UK 2021

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4. Fitbit Unisex Youth Ace 2

Fitbit’s children’s fitness tracker is aimed at kids over six, logging their steps and active minutes to help them get into the habit of regular exercise. The robust, waterproof Ace 2 can withstand pretty much anything your kid might throw at it, and you can swap out the bands for a variety of colourful options.

When your kid hits their daily target, they’re rewarded with an onscreen animation to celebrate the achievement. These feature things such as rockets and plants and are, frankly, far more exciting than the celebrations on adult Fitbits. You can also link the Ace 2 with your own Fitbit and compete with your offspring over who can log the most steps.

The Ace 2 also tracks sleep and has a four-day battery life. It doesn’t log some stats common to standard Fitbits like active calories, which aren’t the kind of thing a child should be worrying about. You can monitor your kid’s stats in a special section of your Fitbit app, and if your child has their own smartphone they also get a limited view of the app.

The Best Pedometers in UK 2021
The Best Pedometers in UK 2021

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5. Garmin Vivofit 4

This excellent fitness tracker has a small but clear screen and a mammoth one-year battery life (after which you simply need to pop in a fresh battery). It tracks your steps and marks you hitting your daily target with a mini onscreen celebration. It can also automatically adjust your step target over time, so if you’re cruising to 10,000 steps each day the challenge will be increased, and if you’re struggling to reach your goal it will be reduced a little to help you stay motivated and provide an attainable goal.

The Vivofit 4 also tracks sports such as running automatically and will highlight long walks as a distinct activity in the excellent partner app, Garmin Connect. It’s also waterproof so, should you desire you can wear it non-stop for the entire year its battery lasts. The only thing it lacks is a built-in heart-rate monitor.


The Best Pedometers in UK 2021
The Best Pedometers in UK 2021

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6. Fitbit Inspire HR

The Inspire HR is a whole lot more than just a pedometer, but Fitbit’s devices have always had step tracking at the heart of their being and that remains the case here. Every step goes towards your daily target, which can be adjusted to suit your activity level and, once you hit your goal, a celebration will play onscreen.

Perhaps the best part about having a Fitbit pedometer, however, is the competitions you can have with friends and family because it’s almost certain you’ll know at least one other person with a Fitbit. You can vie with them over who can log the most steps each week, which is the perfect motivation for the more competitively-inclined to get moving.
Alongside tracking steps, the Inspire tracks 15 different sports, as well as monitoring your heart rate 24/7. For those who don’t need the latter, the cheaper Inspire tracker is also available.

The Best Pedometers in UK 2021

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7. FitBit Versa 2

FitBit’s Versa 2 is the Cadillac of pedometers. Along with tracking your steps and distance, heart rate, calories, active minutes, floors climbed, hourly activity, and sleep status, it seamlessly connects to your other devices—something that many pedometers are unable to do.

Not only can you connect it to your phone for call and text notifications, but you can also connect it to your Amazon Alexa for updates, to set timers, and to control your other smart home devices with the sound of your voice. Additionally, you can download Spotify or Pandora playlists directly to your watch to listen to on your longer walks. The battery lasts for up to six days.

The Best Pedometers in UK 2021
The Best Pedometers in UK 2021

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8. Polar Ignite

Don’t be fooled by the simple wrist-watch appearance, this fitness tracker is smarter than your average timepiece. As well as measuring steps taken, distance travelled and heart rate, it can track 130 different exercises, from running and walking to boxing and pilates – you choose the sport you’re doing and it’ll customise the data you see according to that activity. For example, when tracking walking or running we were given the current pace we were achieving, while when swimming we were given the type of stroke.

It also generates personalised workouts based on your fitness level and training history, which you can play straight from the watch. It’ll give you instructions on how to perform the exercises to help you do them correctly, too. We found we were more confident when squatting and performing planks thanks to the guidance on our wrist. It doesn’t come cheap, at more than £170, but for those really invested in their fitness goals, it’s worth every penny.

The Best Pedometers in UK 2021
The Best Pedometers in UK 2021

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9. Fitbit Alta HR fitness wristband

Fitbit are the leaders of wearable fitness tech, and there’s a reason. Their products look good, are comfortable, and give plenty of information without making you work too hard to get it.

The Fitbit Alta has a very small screen compared with the Karrimor, so you only get one piece of info at a time. Simply tap the screen to see the time, then tap again for: steps; heart rate; distance; calories burnt; and how many minutes of moderate activity you’ve done that day, which is quite handy.

A useful feature, one that the experts agree is helpful, is the vibrating reminders to get up and move around. The app is also fairly easy to navigate, and I quite liked how it showed weekly averages for steps etc. You can view your workouts, and it senses whether you’ve been walking, cycling, doing elliptical or sports.

The Best Pedometers in UK 2021
The Best Pedometers in UK 2021

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10. Fitbit Charge 4 Special Edition

The fourth iteration of Fitbit’s Charge is the best of the series and may prove to be the pinnacle of the current form factor.

The Charge family of activity trackers has proven to be Fitbit’s most popular and best-selling line in its young history, which is no doubt why the company keeps returning to it with consistent hardware and software revisions. It’s been almost two years since the launch of Charge 3, so it’s high time for the next and Fitbit haven’t disappointed with their most recent iteration of the model, Charge 4 represents undoubtedly the best version yet. But it might not be cause enough to encourage more recent owners to drop what they’ve already got.

The Special Edition version of the Charge 4 also comes with an additional reflective woven nylon band which looks and feels very nice indeed. Of course, there’s also a range of alternate bands that can be purchased separately. The included USB charger has gone through another redesign, so you can’t use the same one from any other series, but it works fine and charges from empty to full in around an hour.

With an excellent range of features, a compact and comfortable form factor, great battery life and now with onboard GPS, it’s easy to see why Charge has been such a success for Fitbit and will stand the fourth iteration in good stead for some time to come. While some may complain about the lack of a color screen or GPS killing the battery, everything comes at a cost, and I think the company has done a great job balancing considerations of cost, size, battery life, and consumer demands. There are other models and indeed other brands to consider in this very competitive product segment, but for a good mid-level activity tracker, you really can’t do better right now – and that’s a credit to Fitbit.

The Best Pedometers in UK 2021
The Best Pedometers in UK 2021

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How to Choose The Right Type Of Pedometer

Basic pedometers can be found for less than £10, but even the best models are rarely more than £30, so we think it’s worth spending a little more to assure yourself of quality. These devices offer a bare-bones experience, with simple read-outs of steps taken, distance covered and calories burned. They have limited memory so you won’t be able to retrieve your stats after a week or so, and they won’t be recording the data on your phone either. But as long as you have a working memory and don’t care about specifics, they’ll do just fine. Basic step counters tend to use replaceable coin batteries, which last several months.
Then there are fitness trackers, which have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, meaning you can get surprisingly full-featured ones for under £50. Even the cheapest tend to come with heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking data, which they record automatically in an app to give you a more complete picture of your health. The downside of these is that they tend to need recharging every five to 28 days, which may not be ideal if you find yourself constantly hunting down your phone charger.

The Best Pedometers in UK 2021
The Best Pedometers in UK 2021


One of the best and most efficient ways to maintain your fitness and health, is by staying on top of your daily exercise with a reliable pedometer.

Counting your steps in your head is an obviously impractical endeavour, and can be made infinitely easier with this incredibly useful step-tracking device.

With a model to suit every budget and lifestyle, this gadget comes in a variety of forms that can be worn on your belt, neck, or wrist, or in the safety of your pocket or purse.

Make a positive impact on your overall health and start keeping track of your daily steps with a high-quality pedometer! these our recommendations about best of pedometers represent a new breed of devices, you can feel confident in buying.


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